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Julie A Copeland

My husband Thomas l. Copeland is on a waiting list to receive a kidney transplant he has been waiting for about ten years   We have been together in may for 25 years and married in may for 18 years, he was sixteen years old and I was fifteen.  He had a transplant back in 1995 it lasted six years with some complications during the six years . The doctors say he is a hard match because he already had a transplant and the kidney has to be an exact  match and or tissues type. His  blood type is o negative. He is on dialysis three days a week. We have been through a lot, he is 41 years old he has three children ages 21, 12,and 10. He is also a grandfather of a 10 month old baby girl. Tom  has a fistula in his arm that has to be  cleaned out every one to two months he only has one spot left for a fistula so the doctors are trying their best to keep his arm working. If this quits working then he has to have one put in his leg after that he will have to have catheters in his chest. We would like to see him get a kidney before any of this happens. I am on the donor exchange list but we have not had any good luck with that or any at all. We are concerned that he is going to run out of spots for his dialysis if we can’t  get him a kidney, we don’t know what to do anymore it just seems like nothing is going to change and he is going to live like this .  my kids and I are slowly watching him die and it’s the worst feeling you can have when you can’t do nothing about it. He has his good days and his bad days most people that see him don’t know what or if anything is wrong. We try our best to just be glad he is here not sure how long he can keep going though. If you or anyone you know can donate please contact university hospital at 464-5540 ask for transplant or 1-877-464-5540 our family needs your help and support to keep this man/father alive thank you.

Sincerely,Julie A. Copeland