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Hockey Dad in need of a Type O kidney

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Sheri Swinehart

Jason Swinehart is a 36 year old Loving husband and father of two that is in need of a type O kidney. He currently works full time, goes to dialysis for approximately 15 hours a week and assists in coaching not only his sons hockey team and with his daughters hockey team as well. He is an amazing man who was given this huge obstacle in life.
His father was tested to donate, but the doctors then found cancer (He is currently recovering from surgery). His brother was also tested and made it through all of the testing until the very last test showed abnormal blood vessels to his kidneys. I myself do not have type O blood. We have run out of options and need your help. Jason is getting sicker by the day and is doing the best that he can to keep going. The average wait time on the waiting list is 3-5 years for Central NY area. Type O is the longest wait due to only being able to accept type O.
If you are willing to be tested for donation please call Strong Memorial Hospital at 585-275-7753 and ask to be tested for Jason. All testing and surgery is covered by the hospital and our insurance. If you are not a type O blood but still are interested in donating, there are hundreds of patients in this area alone that are on the waiting list. Please consider donating to one of them! :)

Hockey Dad needs your help!