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Lindsay's Story (Cornea Recipient)

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Melanie Evans

Lindsay was born March 11, 1995, with a condition called Peter’s Anomaly. The cornea and the iris failed to separate in utero. It was noticeable immediately after she was born. The only way to fix this condition was through cornea transplants. She had the first transplant  on her left eye April 11, 1995, exactly a month after she was born.  

She had her second cornea transplant on the right eye a week later. As part of these procedures, she had to be examined under anesthesia for the next couple of months and we couldn’t feed her after midnight whenever she was being examined that way. She had to wear boards on her arms and safety glasses to keep her hands out of her eyes. She couldn’t have any pressure whatsoever on her eyes so we couldn’t put her over our shoulders or lean her forward to burp her and she had to sleep in her car seat to keep her on her back at night. It was a rough road for all of us, but we worked our way through it as best we could.

In the fall of ’95, Miss Lindsay received an invitation to a gathering at the Maplewood Rose Garden, for organ recipients and donor families. They had no idea who or how old Lindsay was. Lindsay, mom Holliday, and grandma went and everyone was surprised at how young she was and her story. Holliday was even interviewed by the local television station. This began Lindsay’s life as a volunteer for the Rochester Eye and Tissue Bank.

Over the last 16 plus years, since that day, we, as a family, have supported the Rochester Eye and Tissue Bank by giving interviews and participating in special functions, award ceremonies, parades and their annual donor family recognition ceremony. As Lindsay has matured she has begun to step up and participate in interviews and talk for herself.

Lindsay is now seventeen and headed into her senior year in high school. She wears glasses and sees fairly well. Her vision is as good as could be expected for transplants done at such a young age. Her favorite thing to do is draw and she’s quite the artist. She favors drawing anime’ and would like to major in animation in college.

Lindsay's Story (Cornea Recipient) has been provided by Rochester/Finger Lakes Eye & Tissue Bank, Rochester, NY.