New York waiting list candidates as of today: 9,466

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Curriculum on Organ and Tissue Donation for New York State High Schools

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Nearly 10,000 New Yorkers are on waiting lists as the need for organ donations far exceeds the supply. One person who donates organs (hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines) can save up to eight lives. A tissue donor can improve 75 or more lives by restoring eyesight, helping fight infections in burn patients and preventing the loss of mobility and disability. Individuals aged 16 years and older may now enroll as organ, eye and tissue donors in the New York State Donate Life Registry.

NYS Public Health Law §4301

Effective 2/14/17, this law allows youth ages 16 and 17 to choose to be an organ donor.

Educator Resources on Organ Donation

Toolkit Sample Strategies for Incorporating Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation into the High School Health Curriculum (Donate Life New York State, 10/17)

Donate Life Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation in New York Power Point Presentation- 17 slide PPT presenation on organ donation in NYS. (Donate Life New York State 10/17)

Quick facts on Organ Donation- Infographic which provides an overivew of need, types of donations, waiting times and history of organ donation. (Donate Life New York State, 10/17)

Service Area Map of New York State for Regional Contacts and Speakers (10/17)

Donate Life New York State

The mission of Donate Life New York State is to increase organ, eye, and tissue donation in New York State through collaborative advocacy, education, promotion, and research. It is comprised of comprised of corporate members, donation advisory council members, and affiliate member organizations. Resources include Donation facts, professional and public education

New York State Donate Life Registry

Includes information on enrollment, FAQ's, resources and enrollment forms.

New York State Registry Link

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