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Donation U: A Multi-Campus Classroom Intervention to Increase Organ and Tissue Donation

On September 15, 2006, the New York Alliance for Donation unveiled a guide entitled “Donation U: A Multi-Campus Classroom Intervention to Increase Organ And Tissue Donation,” which was developed to assist recovery organizations implement college-based donation campaigns. The guide was distributed nationwide to recovery organizations and college campuses.

The guide was developed from information collected from faculty, students, recovery organization staff and researchers about their experiences with “A Multi-Campus Intervention to Increase Organ and Tissue Donation,” a grant project (R39OT01205) funded by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The grant project involved working with communication studies department chairs and faculty, recovery organizations, and college students who designed and executed organ and tissue donation campaigns aimed at their peers. The grant project was initiated at seven different campuses across New York State and was met with tremendous success by recovery organizations, faculty, and the student population.

The guide was developed to provide the recovery organization with a framework for:

  • establishing necessary college/university connections;
  • defining the roles of student participants;
  • suggesting successful strategies and activities; and
  • providing a guide to measure expectations.

Additional resource material for recovery organizations (included with the guide):

In conjunction with the guide the Alliance also included a short video presentation which included a collection of student-created materials from the grant project with the colleges. Click to view the video presentation.