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NYAD Recognized for Advancing Organ and Tissue Donation in State

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December 12, 2016

TARRYTOWN, NY- The New York Alliance for Donation (NYAD) and its Executive Director, Aisha Tator, are being recognized by The Transplant Support Organization (TSO) with its Outstanding Leadership Award. This award recognizes the organization's hard work and dedication to improving the rate of organ, eye and tissue donation in New York State. TSO, a not-for-profit dedicated to the support of its members and the advancement of organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation, will honor NYAD and Tator on December 12, 2016 at their annual Celebration of Life Holiday Party.

"By granting Aisha and NYAD our Outstanding Leadership award, we are recognizing their achievements in raising New York's awareness and understanding of organ donation," said TSO co-presidents Ira Copperman and Gerard Marinaccio. "Each day we work with and support the individuals whose lives have been drastically altered by a need for a lifesaving or life-changing donation, and we see firsthand how NYAD's work is improving lives."

"I'm extremely proud of the work we have done at NYAD, and I am honored to accept this award on behalf of our organization, our member agencies and our volunteers. NYAD remains deeply committed to our mission, and we find incredible inspiration from those families impacted by organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. Without our persistence and drive, the improvements being made to the New York State Donate Life Registry would not be possible," said Tator. "NYAD is also incredibly grateful to Governor Cuomo and the state legislators who truly believe in, and fight for, our cause. The donation community is fortunate to have unbelievable champions."
During the 2016 Legislative Session alone, Tator and her team at NYAD were able to make tremendous advancements in increasing the number the registered organ, tissue, and eye donors in New York.

These advancements include:
• Governor Cuomo signing A.4990-B/S.5313-A into law, allowing young adults over the age of 16 to enroll in the NYS Donate Life Registry;
• Governor Cuomo signing A.9667-A/S.6952-A into law, requiring Health Insurance Exchange applications to include registration to be an organ donor;
• Governor Cuomo signing A.8594/S.6228, extending Lauren's Law, which requires drivers license applicants to answer whether they would like to enroll in the Donate Life NYS registry, through 2020;
• The NYS Senate passing A.9617-A/S.7013-A, which designates Human Organ Transport Vehicles as emergency vehicles.

Beyond legislative advocacy, NYAD also conducts research in the area of organ donation, develops a broad range of educational programs, and facilitates communication between members of the New York State donation and transplantation communities. Most notably, NYAD is partnering with the NYS Department of Health to reform the state's organ, eye and tissue registry.

The New York Alliance for Donation (NYAD) is a not-for-profit with a mission to increase organ, eye and tissue donation in New York State through collaborative advocacy, education, promotion, and research. Its goal is to ensure a transplant for every New Yorker in need. NYAD's members comprise the four New York State organ procurement organizations, three eye and tissue banks and/or processors, and affiliates, including dedicated donation and transplantation professionals.