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Coming Soon! New York State High School Curriculum on Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

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NYAD is partnering with the the State Education Department (SED) to develop high school curriculum to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation in public schools. The goal is to create model curriculum, lesson plans, and instructional resources about the importance and value of organ/tissue donation. SED would make these materials available on their website for all districts to access for free. Additionally, SED will develop an annual guidance memo that will be distributed to districts to inform them of the availability of the materials and every year in April would remind districts again of the materials as part of Organ Donation Awareness Month.

NYAD formed a workgroup of its member organizations to work alongside representatives from SED. The group, which has begun meeting, hopes to have the new curriculum in place by Fall 2017. 

In the meantime, we provide the following resources for those looking to view curricula available from other organ, eye and tissue organizations:

  • California Educator Resource Guide

  • New Jersey High School Heroes Classroom Guide

  • Pennsylvania Classroom Toolkit

  • Ohio Together We Can Save Lives

  • Donate Life Northwest Teacher Resources

  • Texas Student Curriculum